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The ONLY Rockabilly bandana with slots on the exterior for the arms of eyewear to slip into.  The opening on the outside provides a more comfortable, stylish and functional fit.  No longer is eyewear pressing against the ears, nose, or side of your head when tied and worn.  Keeps glasses securely in place.  Comes pre-folded, pressed, and sewn so you just tie on and wear it each time.  One size fits most size heads.  

Whatever your lifestyle, if you love to wear a tie-up bandana, you will love the RADAZZ bandana even more! Made of 100% quality cotton materials.


Pink with White and Black Austin Paisley print. 

How to Wear:

1) Ensure RADAZZ label is on left side; 2) align slots so they are even on each side over ears; 3) tie on; 4) place arms of your shades into openings; and 5) enjoy the comfort!

Making the Bow:

Tie bandana on and create the knot.  Next fold each tail and tuck it into the knot using an object that is thin enough to poke the end in (i.e. bobbypin or end of comb).  Shape bow as desired.  


Width: 3.5"-4"

Length: Approximately 37” long.  The length of the tails and size of the bow depends on the size of head.    


The fabric is capable of handling heat transfer materials.  You can customize by adding bling, patch, iron-on, or embroidery.


Hand wash and hang flat to dry.  Do not bleach. 

Patent Pending

What is so unique about the RADAZZ bandana?  First of all, it’s the only bandana designed with slots for sunglasses.  The slots eliminate pain behind your ear and pressure on your nose; keeps the bandana from lifting or flying off; and keeps eyewear secure to prevent loss or shaking.  Secondly, no more folding the bandana before you tie it on.  We take care of this for you.  All our bandanas come pre-folded, pressed, sewn together to prevent unfolding.  You just tie on each time!  

Where are RADAZZ bandanas made?  Our bandanas are designed and manufactured in Southern California.

How do I choose the right size? 

  • The bandana that ties around the forehead come in two sizes, Wide and Narrow, and fit most size heads. The wide size is anywhere from 4.5” to 5” and the narrow is anywhere between 3.5” to 4”. 
  • All Rockabilly bandanas are 3.5" wide.
  • Each bandana is approximately 37” long.  Depending on the size of your head will depend on how long the tail will be.  Every bandana can be folded down from the top to adjust the width to the appropriate size for the style you desire. 

How do I wear it?   It’s easy?  The RADAZZ label is always on the left side of the bandana.  Make sure the slots are even on both sides of your ears.  Tie on.  Open the slots a bit with your fingers.  Then you just slip your eyewear through the slots. The bandana is designed to wear over the ears. If you feel your glasses on your ears you need to adjust until you have the comfort level you desire.  Eyewear should always be just above the ears.  

Will eyewear stay secure in the slots at high speeds on a motorcycle? Depending on the thickness of the frame, will depend how secure the eyewear will stay secure.  Non-Rockabilly style bandanas have been tested at speeds up to 100 MPH.  If the bandana is worn properly and tied tight, we are believe you will not have issues.  However, we can't guarantee every user will have the same experience, but we are confident the product will work as intended.  To test if eyewear will stay place, tie on bandana, put eyewear into slots, tilt your head down and shake, if there is no movement, this is a good indication they will stay secure.

How long is the pocket on the top backside of the bandana and what can it be used for? The pocket along the front top side is close to 10" long.  You can easily slip in a credit card, cash, or other thin small items. If you have a cooling rag, you can cut a piece and slip in to keep your forehead cool.   All but the Rockabilly, Cowboy and Solid, except for black, come with this.  

What is the best way to wash the bandana?  The best way is to hand wash to prevent shrinkage or color loss.  Then to release the water, its best to fold the bandana in half, roll up and ring the excess water out.  Unroll and hang to dry.  Do not bleach.  To machine wash, we suggest placing bandana in a mesh laundry bag.  Use delicate cycle and then hang dry. 

Can I customize my bandana?  You sure can!  Add almost anything you want to the bandana.  The cotton material can withstand the heat of an iron or heat press.  

Our Customers Love Us!


The sides of my head and ears would hurt every time I wore my glasses underneath my bandana, but with the Radazz bandana I don’t even feel anything.  So comfortable.


The slots on each side are great for keeping my shades secure when riding. 


Multi Use cut in slots

Customize it!!

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